Heat Treating Equipment

Byington Steel has what it takes to meet your heat treating needs. Scroll down to see a list of our equipment.

Box Furnace

Box Furnace

Used for heat treating, annealing, stress relieving and normalizing.

Capacity: 124 cubic feet

Brinell Tester

Brinell Tester

Used for verifying hardness.

Capacity: 10″ throat. 3,000 kg. load.

Cryogenic Freezer

Cryogenic (Low Temperature) Freezer

Used for stabilizing steel and aluminum.

Capacity: Large

Min Temp:-120° F



Used for cleaning parts while they are immersed in recyclable solvent. Our degreaser, animmersion cold-cleaningmachine, was designed specifically for Byington Steel Treating by Byington staff.

Quantity: 1

Despatch Furnaces

Despatch Furnaces

Used for such industry processes as thermal flattening, annealing, stress relieving, aging, tempering and baking.

Capacity: 12 feet x 12 feet x 8 feet(our largest oven, capable of most oversized jobs)

Max Temp: 800°F

Beaver Atmosphere Furnaces

Beaver Atmosphere Furnace

Used for multiple heat treating applications. The furnace’s heating and quenching chamber contains protective gas. Depending on the application, the gas prevents scale formation and carburization or decarburization of the workpieces; the gas also chemically modifies the surface layer of the treated components, improving such qualities as wear resistance and fatigue strength.

Quantity: 2

Capacity: 1,000 lbs each

Max Temp: 2,000° F

Hardness Testers

Hardness Tester

Used to determine exact surface hardness. We test every order to provide quality assurance.

Quantity: 6

Capacity: 10-inchthroat. A, B, C, F, 15N, 30N and 45N

Induction Machines

Induction Machine

Used to harden the surface layer of a suitable ferrous work, heating it — using electromagnetic induction — to above the upper critical temperature and immediately quenching it.

Quantity: 2

Car Bottom Furnaces

Car Bottom Furnace

Used for annealing, normalizing and stress loading of oversized workpieces. Treats alloys and stainless steel.

Capacity: 430 cubic feet

Max Temp: 2,150° F

Max Load: 35,000 lbs

Pit Furnaces

Pit Furnace

Used for nitriding and precipitation hardening of large steel parts, as well as aging and hardening of steel.

Capacity: 36-inch diameter, 5 feet deep (our high-capacity pit furnace)

Max Temp: 1,400° F

Straightening Presses

Straightening Press

Used for straightening shafts, plates and large weldments.

Quantity: 4

Max Load: 150 tons

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Furnace

Used for hardening and annealing stainless and tool steels and for achieving a fine bright finish thatcan eliminate polishing and grinding.

Quantity: 3

Capacity: 7.5–80 cubic feet

Max Temp: 2,200° F

Max Load:4,000 lbs

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