Other Services

Shot Peen Sandblasting

A process in which steel shot is used to remove rust, discoloration, flash, burrs, and other surface spots from parts as large as 20 inches long and 12 inches wide. This process does not affect the integrity of the treated part.



The same process as shot peen blasting but used for smaller parts.


Aluminum Oxide Vapor Blasting

A process for cleaning paint and/or rust to ready parts for primer and prepare them for nitriding and heat treating.


Glass Bead Vapor Blasting

A process in which parts are blasted with glass beads, for cleaning and to achieve a smoother and shinier surface.


Walnut Blasting

A process in which parts are blasted with walnut shells, for cleaning and to achieve a smoother and shinier part surface.


Vacuum Heat Treating

Vacuum heat treating is the process of performing heat treatment in an atmosphere lacking oxygen. The absence of oxygen in the furnace, eliminates the possibility of scaling during carburization and decarburization.

The result is a fine bright finish that eliminates the need for polishing and grinding.

This treatment is particularly effective for the hardening and annealing of stainless and tool steels.



Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving is the uniform heating of a structure, or portion thereof, to a temperature high enough to relieve the major portion of the residual stresses, followed by uniform cooling.


Metal Straightening

We offer metal straightening for round shafts, round bars, tubes, screws and more. Shafts can be straightened from their centers or from their outside diameters.



Normalizing Heat Treatment

The process of normalizing heat treatment is the heating a ferrous alloy to a suitable temperature above the transformation range and then cooling the alloy to below the transformation range.


Nitriding Services

Our nitriding services encompasses highly specialized process using ammonia gas at low temperatures (to minimize distortion) for long periods. The surface of the treated piece absorbs nitrogen.

The result is a superhard metal with high wear capabilities.


Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is surface hardening process in which the surface layer of a suitable ferrous work is heated by electromagnetic induction to above the upper critical temperature and immediately quenched.

Flame Hardening

Flame hardening is a specialty heat treating process that requires advanced levels of operator expertise to understand the flame color and timing.


Bright Hardening

Bright hardening is an annealing process in which a metal is heated and cooled in an inert atmosphere to inhibit oxidation.

The result is a surface that remains relatively bright.


Our degreasing services encompasses a process for cleaning parts without heat by using solvents.


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